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Warranty Policy


Brooklyn Bedding takes great pride in offering our customers the absolute best products customer service in the industry. At times, even the highest quality products may fail and show early signs of wear or a manufacturer defect. Brooklyn Bedding mattresses come with a full 10-year warranty. The warranty begins the date you purchase the mattress and cannot be transferred. If a defect occurs during the warranty period, Brooklyn Bedding will repair or replace the defective product in a reasonable amount of time.

The Warranty Covers:

  • Defects or deterioration in the cell structure of the foam.
  • Defects resulting in splitting or cracking of the material despite normal usage and proper handling
  • Comfort impressions greater than 1.5” (one and a half inches)
  • Sagging, if your mattress has been continuously supported by a foundation that provides minimal to no flex and features ample center support. This includes most platform, slat, box spring foundations, and adjustable bases.

The Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Normal increase of softness after a reasonable break-in period.
  • Normal decrease of recovery after a reasonable break-in period.
  • Mattress fabric due to normal wear and tear.
  • Any stains. In fact, stains will void your warranty.
  • Bed height.
  • Sheet fit.
  • Comfort impressions less than the minimum impressions described in "Warranty Coverage"above.
  • Mattress damage due to an improper foundation or support.
  • A mattress compressed for an extended period of time (60 days or longer).
  • Mattress handles. Handles sewn into the side panels of select mattresses should never be used to lift or transport the mattress. The handles are designed to be decorative and should only be used on rare occasions for very slight adjustments to the mattress alignment.
  • Loose threads. Occasionally, you may find loose threads from tie-off stitches in the quilting or side panels of your mattress. This finding is normal and will not impact the longevity or performance of your mattress in any way.

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses have been designed to be used on foundations with solid support. This includes slatted wood or metal foundations with slats no more than 4" apart, wood or metal box foundations, and solid wood or metal platforms, as well as adjustable bases. Substitution or use of improper foundations, such as old box springs (5+ years or more) without solid support, or slatted wood or metal foundations with slats more than 4" apart, will void your mattress warranty, and all other warranties expressed or implied. In the event of a warranty claim, you may be required to provide proof of the quality and suitability of the mattress foundation. If you have any more questions on what type of foundation is acceptable before purchasing, please contact our customer service.

All warranties contained herein shall not apply if the product has been physically stained, abused, damaged, burned, moisture saturated, cut or torn. Brooklyn Bedding reserves the right to refuse repair or replacement of any product deemed to be in an unsanitary condition. This warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of the product. If the original purchaser sells the product, the subsequent purchaser takes the product "as is" and "with all faults." Proof of Purchase is required for all warranty claims.


Brooklyn Bedding offers a 1-year warranty for sheets defects; and a 3-year warranty for pillow and mattress protector defects. Foundations come with a 3-year limited parts replacement warranty. Adjustable bases come with a 2-year limited parts replacement warranty. For additional details regarding adjustable bases, please call toll free 1.623.624.1222.