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Mattress Materials for a Heavy Sleeper

1. Individually Encased Coils

An encased coil is an individually wrapped steel spring that offers more durability and reduced motion transfer than a traditional innerspring. It is known for its unparalleled support, long-term comfort and structural resilience. Encased coils can be found in all hybrid mattresses, which makes them a good option for plus-size sleepers.

2. High-Density Foam

The density of a foam impacts several mattress qualities including contouring, heat retention, longevity and cost. A high-density foam is best-in-class with regard to quality, durability and motion isolation. Memory foam typically has more than five pounds per cubic foot, categorizing as high-density foam. This type of material is good for back pain, pressure point relief and low sleep disturbance while also supporting heavier weight.

3. Responsive Foam

Foams range in density, breathability and responsiveness. In recent years, quick response memory foams have been developed to provide all the pressure point relief of memory foam with the responsiveness of latex, adjusting to your body each time you move and providing that more on-top-of-the-bed sleep experience. When paired with encased coils, plus-size sleepers can enjoy the perfect combination of support and comfort.

4. Phase Change Molecule (PCM) Surface Infusions

To maintain an optimal sleep temperature, some mattresses feature a phase change molecule surface infusion in the top layer. For example, Brooklyn Bedding offers a patented TitanCoolTM surface infusion, which moderates your temperature through cooling gel beads that liquefy in higher temperatures and solidify at lower temperatures. This technology assists in maintaining the ideal skin sleep temperature of 88 degrees.

5. Breathable Fabrics

In addition to the numerous cooling technology solutions that can be added to either the top layer or cover of a mattress, materials matter. Look for open cell technology or pin core ventilation in mattress foams, which will allow for increased airflow. Moisture wicking or breathable fabrics, such as cotton, wool or quilted layers with ventilation, are also good options for a cooler mattress.

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